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What is it?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities through exposure to extreme cold. Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed by 1978 by Dr. Yamouchi in Japan as a treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. In 1984, the German Rheumatologist, Professor Reinhard Fricke, brought Whole Body Cryotherapy to Europe, where it became increasingly popular. Over the past three decades it gained even more popularity as it’s performance enhancing and general health and wellness benefits have become more well known. In the United States, WBC became more well known when the 2010-2011 Dallas Mavericks used WBC during their NBA championship title run. Today many professional athletes among all sports use WBC to improve recovery time and celebrities use it for overall wellbeing. There is no other therapy known to elicit such a powerful, positive and holistic response.

“Cold applications have become “the most important form of passive physical therapy in sports medicine.”

– From the book “Power of the Cold” by Dr. Winfried Papenfub.

How does it work?

When your body is exposed to extreme temperature, the cold receptors on your skin send a message to your brain and central nervous system that your core temperature could be in danger of dropping. This forces the blood away from peripheral tissues, joints and muscle towards your core and internal organs. During the 2-3 minute session, your blood short loops through your natural filtration system (heart, kidney and liver) and removes toxins and inflammatory properties of the blood. After exiting the Cryo Spa, filtered blood flows back to the peripheral tissues with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes and improves circulation. Over the next 48 hours, the body returns to homeostasis by reducing pain and inflammation and increasing energy levels. Most importantly, the cold stimulates your body’s central nervous system, enhances immune function and improves other regulatory systems in the body. Recovery times from strenuous workouts and injury are improved and shortened.


• Improved oxygen utilitzation
• Detoxification
• Anti-inflammatory
• Pain reduction
• Prevention of development of pain memory (chronic pain)
• Reduces oxidative stress
• Accelerated muscle and tissue repair
• Modulate activity levels in the brain, thereby contributing towards a balanced mental state
• Improves sleep patterns, stress management, and helps with states of depression
• Strengthens the immune system


The following conditions are contraindications for Whole Body Cryotherapy: Pregnancy, high blood pressure (BP > 160/100), heart attack or any other cardiovascular disease, stent, cardiac pacemaker, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, uncontrolled seizures, Raynaud’s syndrome, fever within the last 24 hours or recent infection, bleeding disorders and cold allergy. Any open wounds will have to be bandaged.

What to Expect?

Check-in with a Katy Trail Cryo Spa Consultant to fill out your information and complete a waiver. You will then be shown to the private Cryo Spa room, where you will be instructed on what to do. Please do not apply lotions, oils, perfume or any alcohol-based products prior to your session. We will provide you with a clean pair of socks, gloves and slippers.

MEN: you must wear briefs, boxers or swim trunks. Undergarments must be dry for your safety. A towel and blow dryer can be provided if needed.
WOMEN: you may wear undergarments or a bathing suit or a soft bra with no metal underwire, but it is not necessary.

For your safety, please remove all jewelry from the neck down before entering into the Cryo Spa. Metal items that cannot be removed can be wrapped in an ace bandage or a sock. Metal inside the body is safe because it is insulated from the cold temperature.

Your consultant will explain the process, answer any questions and be with you for the entire session. The consultant will leave the room while you undress and step into the chamber. You will then a ring a doorbell and the consultant will step back into the room.

We respect your privacy and we only see your face, as the rest of your body will be in the Cryo Spa. Cryotherapy sessions will last between 2 ½ to 3 minutes based on tolerability, but most clients find the three minute treatment to be manageable.

After you have completed your session, the consultant will leave the room and let you get dressed.

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What is it?

The Cryo Elephant is a modern mobile device that treats localized tissue damage in athletes, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone and reduces the effects of aging.

Local cryotherapy (or spot cryotherapy) applications are administered to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling in targeted, local areas of the body. Unlike whole body cryotherapy (WBC), which stimulates cold receptors across the entire body in order to trigger an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response, local cryotherapy is comparable to “icing,” with a benefit exceeding that of hours of icing and much more efficient.

Clients frequently combine this application with WBC, to treat problem areas both from the “inside out” as well as from the “outside in.”


Any open wound or cut will have to be covered with a bandage.

What to Expect?

Most local cryotherapy sessions are 5-10 minutes with a benefit exceeding that of hours of icing.

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What is it?

The CryoFacial is a mobile device that treats induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone and reduces the effects of aging. This anti-aging beauty treatment is very effective, safe and affordable without surgery, needles, downtime or recovery. “Go under the Ice, not the knife” to look and feel younger. This anti-aging beauty treatment is very effective, safe and affordable without surgery, needles, downtime or recovery.


• Stimulates Collagen Production
• Tightens Skin
• Triggers Hair Follicle Stimulation and Growth
• Treats and Sooths Eczema and Psoriasis
• Reduces Pore Size
• Improves Blood Flow and Circulation

What to Expect?

Please feel free to come in with a clean face or we can provide a wipe to clean your face before the treatment. You may also keep your makeup on too.

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What is it?

Experience the world’s elite athlete’s best-kept recovery secret with our air pressure massage technology. The sequential compression therapy provides temporary relief of minor muscle aches and increased circulation to designated areas. Whether you love running, yoga, CrossFit or heavy weight lifting our NormaTec Recovery System can help you take your performance to the next level.

What to Expect?

Start your NormaTec session by climbing into the different sleeves for legs, arms, or hips.  Select your level and start the session.  By delivering pulsing compression, gradient pressure, and distal release, the NormaTec Recovery System provides your muscles everything that it needs to recover.


The risks and benefits of using the NormaTec Recovery System are the same as having a massage. If the pressure feels uncomfortable, you can reduce the intensity or stop the session. Similar to a massage, the benefits can include the temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains. It can also temporarily increase circulation in the area being massaged.

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What is it?

The NeuroSpa Energizing Lounge helps achieve a state of well being by releasing tension at a deeper level of the body. Our Energizing Lounge is a unique kind of relaxation therapy that synchronizes your mind and body through the power of sound, light and massage.

NeuroSpa is offered in more than 1000 renowned spas and resorts. Many companies such as Google and Reebok offer it to their employees to relieve pain, reduce stress and improve performance. Katy Trail Cryo is the 2nd to offer the Energizing Lounge in United States and the 1st in the state of Texas.


• Neutralizes Stress and Anxiety
• Improves Sleep and Eliminate Fatigue
• Promotes Deep Relaxation
• Provides Durable Sense of Well-being
• Stimulates Blood Circulation
• Regulates Blood Pressure
• Relieves Chronic Pain
• Reduces Back and Neck Pain
• Reduces Arthritis Pain

What to Expect?

Choose among 7 different experiences from relaxing to energizing. The acoustic frequency neutralizes resistance and communicates directly with the nervous system, which gradually reduce tension caused by stress. The comforting sensations fill your whole body leaving you in a comfortable state of peaceful tranquility. It is truly a one-of-a-kind, revitalizing experience.

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For any questions, or more information, feel free to email us at info@katytrailcryo.com or call 214.758.0050.

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Cryotherapy FAQ's

Who Developed this Technology and When?

Whole body cryotherapy was originally developed in Japan in 1978 and has been used in Europe and Japan for more than three decades. Multiple research studies have been published in medical journals about the effects of whole body cryotherapy, and in many European countries, the treatments are covered by medical insurance policies.

Is it safe?

Cryotherapy saunas or spas have been used for almost 40 years. Problems only arise if a client steps into the machine with wet clothing, especially wet socks, as water will freeze immediately at these temperatures. The nitrogen being used to cool these chambers is the same nitrogen that makes up the air we breathe (actually 78% of it). In either type of chamber, the client breathes room-air. For added safety, chambers are also equipped with an oxygen monitor. In order to protect the more temperature sensitive tissues such as hands and feet, clients wear dry socks, slippers, and gloves, which we provide

Is it comfortable?

Before entering the Cryo Spa, clients are required to dress in protective clothing composed of cotton socks, cotton underwear (for men), and gloves. The treatment is of short duration (2-3 minutes), and the cold is ‘dry’, so it is very tolerable. Towards the end of the treatment, you may get a ‘pins and needles’ sensation, which disappears immediately after the treatment.

How do I feel after the treatment?

Our clients report that after each session, they feel good and energetic.
During each session the body releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel good and energetic. The buoyant effects from each session last at least six – eight hours and increase with number of treatment sessions. Typically most clients feel immediate decrease of inflammation, improved energy and increased flexibility within the first few minutes or hours that will last for several hours or even days. Clients also may not feel the first impact until the next morning after a sleep cycle – many report deeper sleep and relief from joint and muscle pain and inflammation over the following 48-72 hours.

How does Cryotherapy compare to an Ice Bath?

Whole body cryotherapy treatments result is a very different response from the body. Three minutes of extreme, dry cold reaches only the top skin layers and receptors causing the brain to restrict blood flow to an internal cycle. Fifteen minutes of cold water therapy initially causes the body to move blood to the extremities and results in a chilled lowering of the body’s core temperature.

Is Nitrogen gas dangerous to human beings?

No, nitrogen is a non-toxic gas. Nitrogen composes approximately 78% of the air that we breathe. The other components are roughly 20% Oxygen, and small amounts other gases.

How many treatments should I do?

A typical course is 5 – 10 treatments in close succession (separated by 1-2 days — e.g. 3x/week. After that you can take fewer treatments spaced further apart to maintain and improve results (e.g. once every week or two weeks).

Can I catch a cold because of this procedure?

No. The immediate cold impact of the cryotherapy session will raise the internal body temperature for a short period of time.

I am claustrophobic. May I use whole body crytherapy?

Yes, you may.  The door is never locked and you may step out at any moment.

Do I have to take a shower before or after?

No, you don’t.  This procedure is absolutely dry and does not make your skin wet.

What are the risks of whole body cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy is very well tolerated. Fluctuations in blood pressure during the procedure can change by 10 points (this effect reverses after the end of the procedure, as peripheral circulation returns to normal), allergic reaction to extreme cold (rare), claustrophobia, redness, and skin burns (only if exposed to low temperatures longer than recommended) have been reported.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately this is not covered by insurance, however you may be able to use a Health Savings Account.


Who developed the NeuroSpa Lounger?

The NeuroSpa is developed in Canada (Quebec) and is patented in Asia, Europe, Australia and the United-States. The NeuroSpa is the premier therapeutic relaxation device allowing you to reach a complete state of wellbeing. The company has provided these quality relaxing & energizing loungers and napping pods to more than 1000 enterprises, hotels and spa centers around the world.

What are the effects of music on the human body?

This therapy is the result of several years of research on the positive effects of music on the brain and on the human body. It is the first therapeutic tool to produce intracorporeal music (multi-frequency acoustic vibrations) synchronized with conventional music. Intracorporeal music can transmit muscular and mental shopping lists via the nervous central, sympathetic and parasympathetic. When combined with the music picked up by hearing, we get a complete physical and mental synchronization.

What are the benefits of Neuromuscular massage?

Neuromuscular therapy is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. In the lounger, neuromuscular massage spreads through the nervous system. Initially, you may feel the sensations in the lower back. However, as the session continues, the release of your sympathetic nervous system will allow it to connect to NeuroSpa and neuromuscular massage reaches first painful or tense areas. Subsequently, the feeling will spread throughout your body to gradually reduce chronic pain and the negative effects of accumulated stress.

What does the client wear during a session?

You wear what you walked in wearing. You’ll be provided a comfy blanket, sit back, let go and relax.

How does the client feel after a session?

The comforting sensations fill your whole body, leaving you in a state of peaceful tranquility. It’s a revitalizing experience that helps you be centered in the moment and gives you a continuous warm feeling during normal daily activity.