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I’ve had eczema my entire life. It flares up with seasonal allergies, yet no allergy medicine or topical treatment works.

When I started cryo, I wasn’t for my eczema. Little did I know, it would soon be the cure to this pesky part of my life. About a month into doing cryo 3-4 days a week, I noticed that all of my eczema was gone.

I took a month off from cryo due travel and noticed my eczema creeping back. When I went back to cryo, 90% of my eczema healed after just one session! It was the biggest relief and definitely proved my theory.

Cryo relieves one of the most annoying, painful, and irritating parts of my life. Just 3 minutes out of my day has led to so much without using any chemicals or heavy topical creams.

– Katie K.

Cryo eases my arthritis pain, especially in my hands. I also sleep better, I see less puffiness in my face, have fewer hot flashes and hangovers.

Katy Trail Cryo is the best, because of their amazing, super-attentive and knowledgable staff AND all the additional therapies they provide. I love the de-stressing NeuroSpa chair and NormaTec boots. It’s such a powerful relaxation experience.

It’s just a great place with a great vibe. I leave feeling so much better than when I came it and the feeling lasts.

– Toni S.

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